Our Story

Twenty-five years of friendship built Natural Lustre. We (Stephanie & Jennifer) could walk you through each action packed year but we'll spare you. We'll just jump to the part where Natural Lustre comes in.

We've both flip-flopped between having relaxed and natural hair over the years. While we loved the convenience of styling relaxed hair, maintenance was a drag. One wrong move and your hair would snap off like a twig, in the most obvious places. Who needs that type of stress?

Being natural has it's perks, too. We noticed our hair was at it's healthiest, thickest, and longest when it was natural.

Then, we found out about natural products. Our hair has been flourishing ever since. Our first product, GOLD, was literally just that. We shared it with friends and family (both natural and relaxed). GOLD worked with every texture, porosity, density, and on relaxed hair! That's when we knew we had something. We had people begging us to bottle it. So we did and the rest is history.

It's all natural for EVERYONE.